Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review: Farewell My Loves by Amber Farman

In the aftermath of hearing the words metastatic breast cancer , Meredith Mathews devises a plan to start the ball rolling on her impending departure. As a selfless, devoted wife and mother, she believes that finding her replacement will help her family heal more quickly after she passes. When an unexpected friendship grows deeper than she imagined it ever could, she begins to question all that she believes in. Farewell My Loves is a love story about our undying need for human connections. It traverses a maze of boundaries and challenges inherent in living a life unscripted, bent on not conforming to the desires of others.

Received for review.

Despite being incredibly depressing this was a very well written story.

I didn't actually like any of the characters and I found the switching from character to character with each chapter more than a little disorienting.  However, the story was incredibly well written and that alone kept me reading.

I found myself thinking over and over again while reading "This is is f****d up!" but I couldn't put it down.  Really, a woman dying of cancer tries to find a new wife and mother for her husband and children only to discover that she has a ... unique relationship with the candidate.  It's just so messed up.  It's not quite V.C. Andrews territory but it's still soap opera "OMFG!  What?!" worthy.

This is certainly not for everyone, but if you do give it a try I can assure you that you will, at the very least, have spent some time with a book that you can't wait to discuss with your friends and family.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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