Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: Five Days by Matt Micros

After a particularly frustrating day at work, high school math teacher, Mike Postman's afternoon walk along the Connecticut shoreline is interrupted by the screams of a boy who has fallen in off the pier and can't swim. Mike dives into the cold waters, saving the boy, but drowning himself in the process. And yet, because of the heroic way he died, he is given the opportunity to go back and re-live any five days of his life. They can be days he enjoyed and wants to re-experience, or days in which he had regrets and wants to make amends. The days he chooses, end up not being just days that impacted his life, but also days that had an impact on history. Reminding us where we were during events both inspiring and tragic, Five Days forces you to ask yourself, "Which days would you choose?"

Received for review.

This was an incredibly deep and touching book and certainly very thought provoking.  The main character's choice of days (including 9/11) was genuinely interesting and made me think of which days I would choose if given the chance.

This beautifully written book is full of emotion and heart and alternately leaves you smiling and brings you to tears.  It's truly a must read and I definitely highly recommend it.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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