Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Legally Tied by Chelsea Dorsette

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. 

When prosecuting attorney Nick Olson meets interior designer Lyndsay Welch, both of their lives are turned upside down in ways they would never have imagined. 

Not long after Lyndsay is introduced to sex parties and erotic lingerie shops by her best friend, she finally submits to her sexual desires for Nick which she had been vehemently trying to deny since they met. 

While being breathlessly swept away by this handsome and powerful attorney, little did Lyndsay know, her life would soon be turned upside down by a senseless murder, a violent kidnapping, a tragic death, and a devastating break up. 

Unable to face any more grief, Lyndsay moves to the quiet little seaside town of Bristol, Rhode Island to get a fresh start. Just as things are starting to finally quiet down, an unexpected visit from someone in her past comes knocking at her door, changing the course of her life...forever

Received for review.

This was really one of the more depressing "erotica" novels that I've ever read.  While it certainly was saturated with sex it also had some frankly bizarre moments with a kidnapping and beating.  It was just so strange.  Erotica is supposed to be light and fun and this just dragged me down.

What brought this from three stars to two though was the pregnancy issue.  

Spoiler Alert!

The couple breaks up because the woman says she does not want children - for some complicated reason due to losing her mother at an early age.  Then the guy decides to get back together with her anyway, resigning himself to never having children only to discover that, oh my god, the girl has changed her mind and is now pregnant.  Her pregnancy was her wedding "gift" to the guy.  Um, yeah.  The whole thing is just so screwed up I was ready to throw the damn book against a wall.  So, like every other author (and 99.9% of women), the author just had to ruin everything by having the girl change her mind about children.  It would have been infinitely better had the story just played out without the pregnancy.  It was just that depressing.  It was seriously just as disappointing to read about as when you saw Diane Keaton hook up with Jack Nicholson instead of Keanu Reeves in Something's Gotta Give.  I really found myself hoping that I had fallen asleep and that the horrible plot twist had never happened.

Overall, if you want standard chick lit mixed with lots of sex then this is for you.  If you're looking for actual erotica then you may want to look elsewhere.  I really cannot recommend this at all.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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