Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: The Washington Lawyer by Allan Topol

In the high-stakes world of Washington politics, hotshot lawyer Andrew Martin is being put to the test. When long-time friend Senator William Jasper calls, it’s with explosive news—and a favor to ask. A sex tryst at Martin’s beach house in Anguilla has gone awry and former model Vanessa Boyd is dead. Just how far will Martin go to protect the chief justice nomination he’s built his entire career on? 

Staggered by the sudden death of her twin sister, archeologist Allison Boyd drops everything to fly home to her grieving family. But when she realizes that the pieces to the puzzle simply won’t add up, she is determined to discover the truth behind her sister’s death. Launching an investigation that will unveil a treasonous plot backed by foreign interests and enabled by blackmail, Allison finds herself up against something bigger and more lethal than she could have ever imagined. With Martin’s star associate Paul Maltoni at her side, she uncovers a complex, interconnected web of lies that will expose some of Washington’s most influential power players. And she will not rest until she sees them ruined.

From the best-selling author of the Craig Page series, The Washington Lawyer is a penetrating glimpse into Capitol Hill’s seedy underbelly. High-powered DC lawyer Allan Topol impresses again with this escapade into the intricate underpinnings of Washington’s elite, drawing you into a net of questionable morals, deadly intrigues, and treachery from which there is no escape.

ARC received for review.

I always love a political or legal thriller so I simply could not pass this up.  It favorably reminded me of John Grisham's early books where there was actual care taken with the plot and characters.  The author clearly did his research and knows his stuff and that comes through in every scene of the book.

What surprised me the most about the characters was not that I disliked Martin (who was a slimy individual anyway), but that I disliked Allison as well.  While investigating her sister's potential murder she was outright nasty and when she learned the truth and went to the newspaper and not to authorities it just tipped me over the edge from mild distaste for her to outright dislike.  I guess she and her sister had quite a bit in common after all.

Overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable, beautifully written story full of twists and turns and incredibly believable (if unlikable) characters.  I flew right through the story desperate to find out what happened next and hardly blinking the entire time.  I definitely highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys political thrillers as you are virtually guaranteed to enjoy it.  I am eagerly awaiting the author's next release!

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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