Saturday, April 11, 2015

Featured Book: Slow... by Digonta Bordoloi

About the book:
A boy who never grows up. A country that is always developing. Slow, a story that begins in India at a place and time where only rats participate in rat-races. Narrated through the eyes of Baba, going through his idyllic childhood, doing things at his own pace; and the lives of his parents, brother, servants and friend, Neloy. 

Slow portrays the humorous quirks of growing up within as diverse a culture as India, yet unfolding a perspective that has universal appeal.

About the author:
I am the youngest of three children, born and raised in the North East of India. In my early twenties, the gloss and shine of the corporate world took me first to Delhi, then to Mumbai where I spent over a decade in nine to five (often, much beyond) jobs. Once the gloss wore off, I landed up in Africa. I lived for a while in Uganda, Swaziland and Zanzibar, Tanzania, where I started writing Slow, my first novel. I hope to bring more stories from not too explored lands and themes, again. I live with my Love, Susie, and we call obscure parts of Australia and India home.

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