Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Adventures of a Lifetime by Janna Graber

From the frozen tundra of Manitoba to the humid jungles of Indonesia, the 24 true adventure tales in this unique travel anthology will transport you to remote corners of the globe - and inspire you to create adventures of your own. 

Adventure can mean so many things. For some, it means climbing the peaks of Tibet, sailing the open seas or cycling through Europe. For others, adventure is conquering a fear or pushing yourself to a whole new level. 

And for many, adventure means bravely stepping into the unknown of a new culture, language or setting. Adventure travel, in its essence, means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to experience something novel and worthwhile. Join the wild, bumpy ride during these 24 adventures of a lifetime. 

• Get chased by monkeys in Indonesia 
• See what happens when you're stranded in the Gobi Desert 
• Play a game of naked Frisbee with a tribe in New Guinea 
                                                      • Hang out with polar bears in the frozen lands of Manitoba 
                                                     • Say goodbye to your love on a final trip to Venice 
                                                     • Get hopelessly lost during a scary jungle hike in Hawaii 
                                                     • Stare history in the face uncovering your roots in Latvia  
                                                     • Watch over your back for hippos on a Ugandan safari 
                                                     • Attempt to sail across Australia's wild Bass Strait  
                                                     • Travel by camel with the "Blue Men" of Mali  
                                                     • Step foot in Antarctica among icebergs and penguins 
And many more...

Received for review.

This was an interesting collection of short stories that should have been more entertaining than it actually was.  I just didn't actually care about any of the people writing the stories and their messages were incredibly depressing - about dealing with grief, etc.  The stories were really less about the travel itself than about overcoming personal obstacles - which would have been fine if that was what I'd been expecting, but it wasn't.

Overall though, while I didn't feel inspired to create my own travel adventures as the book suggests I might have this was a mostly entertaining collection of blessedly short, well written stories that armchair travelers may find to be a worthwhile read.

★★★☆☆ = Liked It

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