Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: The Love Fight by Tony Ferretti and Peter J. Weiss

Divorce is epidemic among successful, "high-powered" people. Doctors, lawyers, executives, politicians and entrepreneurs often attain career success only to fail at home in their family relationships. What gives? Has success changed them? Or, have they been secretly waiting to exit when the time is right? Did they ever love their spouses? 

In The Love Fight, Drs. Tony Ferretti and Peter Weiss explain how worldly successful individuals fail at home in their intimate relationships, often from a mismatch of priorities and styles between the success-oriented "Achievers" and their relationship-oriented "Connector" spouses. This Achiever mindset is common in highly successful people of all social classes, perhaps especially so in America where such success is lionized and top CEOs are considered heroes. 

As opposites attract and Achievers meet and marry Connectors, the very same personality traits that propelled the Achiever to the top in medicine, law, business or politics (and which may have attracted a more relationship-oriented partner in the first place) often sow the seeds of destruction in their marriage. These traits, and the differences between Achievers and Connectors, can create a dynamic of poor communication leading to anger, resentment, and eventual estrangement. 

Achiever or Connector, The Love Fight is a book that will help you understand your spouse and yourself better. It's easy-to-read and understand style, simple assessments and exercises to evaluate your relationship, and straightforward strategies can help you develop an action plan to create the marriage you want.

Received for review.

Sadly I knew this was going to be a bad read from the moment I opened the book.  I actually found myself saying "Shoot me now!" while reading which is a sure sign of complete crap.  This is essentially the same exact theory as Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, regurgitated for the five hundred thousandth time.  In a nutshell, men are achievers and women are connectors and they cannot get along without a book to help them.  God forbid you have two achievers in a relationship - the world might actually end.  

Overall, this was a boring, unhelpful, and, frankly, condescending mess.  Basically, if you're a woman you're a connector and you need to change to accommodate the better, stronger, achiever males.  Achiever males don't need to change at all, of course.  I really cannot recommend this unless you truly enjoy an excruciatingly painful and never ending read that you will eventually end up throwing against a wall or setting on fire because you hate it that much.

☆☆☆☆ = Didn't Like It

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