Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Featured Book: The Art of Planning Allergen-Free Events by Stephanie Courtney

About the book:
Are Your Events Safe for People with Food Allergies? Food allergies and intolerances are coming more into the public eye. Those who are at risk deserve to have a safe, enjoyable experience at social events. As an event planner, you can have the satisfaction of providing an allergen-safe event, and the knowledge that your expertise is increasingly valuable in a growing market. This must-have book is designed to help you to: Identify and understand what food allergies and intolerances are; Identify potential risks and exposures by gathering information up front; Manage event risks through protocols with food service providers; Educate clients about how they can help you to keep them safe; Track and communicate necessary allergy information during an event; Learn how to modify goods and services to accommodate allergies. Expert allergen-/gluten-free event planner Stephanie Courtney shares these secrets to success, and gives many more expert tips and tricks learned from first-hand experience with family food allergies, and as a consultant for allergen-free events.

About the author:

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