Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Featured Book: The Sense of Darkness by Cinzia De Santis

About the book:
A world of intimacy, of smell and touch, is all Clara knows. Her blindness doesn't bother her: she is gifted with an extraordinary sense of smell which guides her through life. Raised by her aunt Trinidad in a small village in Latin America, Clara becomes a renowned healer. She can smell people's diseases and can heal them with her particular recipes. Their lives fall apart when members of a guerrilla gang bring to their home a wounded prisoner whom Clara has to heal. While she struggles to understand the feelings he produces in her, Trinidad's past returns, carrying the power of an obsessive love, but, will it be enough to save hers and Clara's lives? " is a story about love and magic - touched by the narrative power that Venezuelan writers can have - and also a fable that make us remember that the most important things are seen by the heart and not by the eyes" Javier Puebla, Cambio16

About the author:
Cinzia De Santis is an Italian-Venezuelan living in the UK. She is a Marine Biologist and used to work full time to add a grain of sand to the much needed protection of the Environment. As a child, inspired by her mother's stories about Gabriela Mistral - a Chilean Nobel Prize winner with whom Cinzia's mother worked - she started writing. Later she became an amateur theatre actress and story teller, performing her own stories. For many years, Cinzia was busy raising her family and working as an environmentalist, so she stopped writing. Then, 11 years ago, she had to leave her country, Venezuela, for political reasons. Her nostalgia for the warmth of the people and its staggering beauty found solace in writing. Two years ago she decided to give up her full time job. Now she is an author and has a small publishing company "Books from Oasis". "The Sense of Darkness" is her first novel, available both in English and Spanish. She has also published a book of short stories, "Amor Merc├║rico", which she wrote mainly in airport lobbies and hotel rooms. Since she left the corporate world, she is very relieved that she doesn't need to appear to be normal.

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