Saturday, August 22, 2015

Featured Book: Turbulent Waters by Peter Duysings

About the book:
The supply vessel was way too large to shudder from the thunderous explosion caused by the RPG rocket that had all those nearby shaking and trembling uncontrollably, while their ear drums reverberated by the shockwave of the blast. As the crew reeled from fright, the dark cloud of smoke cleared to reveal a mass of mangled and twisted steel of what just seconds ago was the ship’s bridge – its control center. As the crew fought the fear their nerves had been beset with, their minds simultaneously tried with difficulty to render some form of clarity of the dire situation that had besieged them. People had just died within the bridge compartment! This was insane! How could this catastrophic occurrence have befallen them in this modern sea-faring age by wretched men with old treacherous ways? The crew’s minds were still focused on the carnage and the disheveled thoughts that permeated their brains, when in a heartbeat, automatic weapons fired in unison and a hailstorm of bullets clanked off metalwork structures way too close for comfort. The deadly barrage instantly brought their thoughts back to the fact they were in imminent danger. Never before had the freighter crew come under armed attack after multiple voyages within the same waterways they were cruising upon. Never before had they lost power to one of their engines either, which made them a most enviable target to the bedeviled pirate group presently attempting to take the ship and crew captive for ransom. With their gun muzzles blazing, the unmistakable sound of weapon’s fire rose above the loud wind noise that was a constant aboard the large ship as she plowed through the otherwise placid waters. Besides the numbing question that rose to the forefront of what a freighter crew could possibly do to protect themselves from the armed cutthroats who were on the ship’s main deck, was a horrendous panic that virtually took over the crew’s minds. Soon the foreign devils would seize the ship and demand money for both ship and lives. That was the very least the crew knew would be the outcome of their disastrous situation. Whether it was just fortunate happenstance or providential there were several men among the crew, who were ex-military types. Nothing as fanciful as Special Forces, yet men of stout character possibly enough to make a difference whether anyone would escape this menacing ordeal. It least that was the hope to some of the crew. The ship carried but a small cache of firearms for security reasons, but would the armament in the hands of just a few crewmembers be adequate to fight off the marauders – modern-day Arab pirates? Survival became the overwhelming instinct as they resolved to go down fighting rather than capitulate. It was what one does when forced into a corner with no alternative but to succumb to unknown consequences. To submit so easily without attempting to change fate was not acceptable. It was sink or fight and to these few men there was no choice but to go down battling the scourge that had threatened their very existence. They quickly sought out the few firearms available. The grave circumstance had turned into a baleful response in hopes that enough applied measures could prevent a takeover. Was the shootout fated to be a lopsided affair in favor of the pirates and thus the crew would forcibly be taken captive? They were all about to find out. However meager the defensive attempt would be, it was their only hope.

About the author:

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