Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Featured Book: Unmalice Curse by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

About the book:
“Any fear-based attribute is a taught response to what others for the most part unintentionally passed on to us. When our lives are based on definitive beliefs about reality, we feel we have very few choices. In this place of being unaware, we react all too easily to others. Life becomes a series of questions, doubts and reactive responses. In Unmalice Curse, we learn about how to recognize this responsive patterning that has occurred for generations as a taught response and often unintentional, and thereby find the power within us to accept it and then release it through new awareness and the lessons already available to us all,” he explained. 

In Unmalice Curse, like all books within the Thoughtless series, we will learn how to be aware, end old distorted beliefs and replace them with new ones so that we are able to live wholly and lovingly in the present. We can then begin to spread the power of love and kindness throughout the world starting right here and now. 

Some of the key focuses of Unmalice Curse include: 

Uncovering where we have felt misunderstood invalidated, defensive or less than loving, and understanding that our defense of our reactions does not reflect our true needs. 
Seeing old lessons that do not serve us or those we love, well. 
Understanding the origin and, ultimately, the real truth of an unmalice (un-malicious) curse so that we can learn from it and then leave it behind, moving to a life of greater joy and abundance. Discovering that what we learn, we believe and what we believe, we teach. 
Learning how to listen to our inner voice and act on its guidance, knowing that this is the purest guidance we will ever have. 
Viewing our childhood lessons and teachings for what they are so that we can create a stable foundation from which to springboard our lives. 
Recognizing the true beauty and strength of the greatest gift we possess…a conscious mind. 

Only when we are made aware are we able to know the best road to travel. Like the other books in the Thoughtless series, Unmalice Curse (the author’s definition of an un-malicious or unintentional curse) offers concrete ways to undo past beliefs and move forward effectively and passionately in your life.

About the author:
Gregory Nicholas Malouf, founder of Epsilon Healing Academy, a successful Australian businessman and entrepreneur, had a traumatic childhood. He became a workaholic in order to run away from his past and allow himself to live the "perfect life," or so he thought. Throwing lavish parties, and flying all over the world. Despite running numerous businesses, all of which were successful --and even leading motivational and meditation retreats and programs for his teams-- Greg knew deep down that he was still looking at things from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. It wasn't until the hollowness of his existence caused his world to fall apart that Greg ultimately found his road to wellness and healing. At the age of fifty, Greg realized for the first time that his priorities were misguided, that he was living a lie. Anxiety and obsessive control disorder were just two of many addictions he suffered in his life. Why? Because he had not yet been able to confront the truth of his past. Thanks to a genuine intent to experience true abundance in his life, Greg did face his past and discover the truth that had previously limited his life. Greg was an insatiable reader, studied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Transcendental Meditation with Thom Knoles, an internationally respected thought leader and celebrated speaker. He additionally underwent rehabilitation, intensive individual therapy and group therapy, and attended the 12 step meetings to seek a wholesome and differing approach to healing. Subsequently, in 2009, Greg founded Epsilon Healing Academy, and has since been working with thousands of people throughout the world, as a natural expression of his commitment to share the lessons he himself learned on how to liberate the mind and body, live in the present with gratitude, consciously create life on one's own terms and experience the abundance one deserves. Greg has made it his mission to better the world through his passion of helping people explore their anxiety, challenge their fears, and reach their full potential. Today, through books like Silent, Shallow Love, and Tunnel Vision, programs like the University of Self, and other valuable tools, Greg and his incredible Epsilon Healing Academy team help people to live lives that in every way reflect who they are and what they most deeply desire. Gregory lives in Sydney with his children and travels abroad to share his message of healing.

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