Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Featured Book: Wanted: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed by Charles Cranston Jett

About the book:
WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed Achieving success for yourself and your children has never been more difficult in this highly competitive world. WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed reveals the eight critical skills needed to do just that. Based on extensive research of real-world hiring practices, the book, by corporate expert Charles Cranston Jett, challenges you to ask yourself: • What skills make people successful in their careers? • How do these skills fit into my personal career management strategy? • What can I do to cultivate these skills? • How are these skills taught in our schools, if at all? • How is the mastery of these skills measured? • What skills do I need to contribute to my company’s success? • How can I determine the critical skills for my company? WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed answers these questions for individuals pursuing career success, as well as students seeking the tools they need to be competitive in the real world, business leaders looking to build a talented team, and teachers preparing students for real-world productivity and success. The easy-to-follow guide clearly defines how to develop critical thinking, communication, production, information, analysis, interpersonal, time management and continued education skills.

About the author:
Mr. Jett is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the Harvard Graduate School of Business. He served in the United States Naval Nuclear Submarine Force where he created the nuclear attack submarine (SSN) predeployment training program for covert submarine operations, the tactical doctrine for the nuclear submarine electronic surveillance system (AN/WLR-6), and is the creator of the geographic plot (Geo Plot) for covert tracking of Soviet submarines from the SSN platform. He has had 15 years experience in the management consulting and executive recruiting world where he participated in strategic planning, marketing, and organizational development engagements, and CEO and Board of Directors searches. He has worked with corporate organizations in the area of critical skills identification and skill profiling to assist them in their corporate development programs as well as enabling them to target specific skill profiles for recruitment for entry level management positions. He created the career management tool known as the "Doom Loop" which has become popularized as a highly useful tool for anticipating and addressing various "career crises" as well as enabling organizations and executive search professionals to assess the skill capabilities, potentials, and current situations of individuals in corporate environments. He is the author of several publications including the magazine articles "Whatever Happened to Corporate Loyalty?" and "Critical Skills and the CEO" - both of which were published by Chief Executive Magazine and have become widely popular articles in the reprint world. He is also the author of two new books: "Wanted: Critical Skills!!" and "Career Crises and the Doom Loop." He is an accomplished speaker on the subject of Critical Skills having been featured by many of the nation's top business schools (Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Northwestern, Chicago, Michigan, etc.) and the American Psychological Association. He focused on skill development at the high school level and was featured in the US Department of Labor's publication, "Teaching the SCANS Competencies" which was distributed nationwide. To facilitate high schools' and training organizations' ability to create and manage work-based learning programs to teach critical skills and the SCANS competencies, he created the software management tool known as "Coop2000®" and served as a national school-to-work technical assistance provider as well as a national workforce investment act technical assistance provider. He is the author of WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed, The Doom Loop, and Field Studies - all published by OutskirtsPress.

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