Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Featured Book: Harnessing the Mind-O-Matic by Stirling Mueller

Six year old Timmy Smith has finally decided it is time to destroy the Mind-O-Matic in his attic. It's been hypnotically enslaving his siblings to a monotonous suburban life. 

At the same time it's been protecting them from Central, and organization responsible for kidnapping their parents. This extraordinary boy thinks he's accounted for all possible outcomes for what will happen next. He is wrong.

Now Central will stop at nothing to capture the children and the secrets they possess. The Smiths must solve the hidden puzzles placed by their lost and mysterious parents before Central catches them, for if they are captured, their parents will be lost and Earth will surely be enslaved. Luckily the children are much more then they appear and are a force to be reckoned with.

This wild ride through suburbia, across the globe and ultimately the galaxy is not to be missed.

About the author:

Stirling Mueller is the chief engineer of a space program based in Los Angeles area with a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. His four children's different personalities were an inspiration to the book and are exhibited in the main characters. The responsible one, the day dreamer, the warrior, and the thinker are all characteristics displayed in his children and each of us.

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