Sunday, November 1, 2015

Featured Book: History of Street Cops by Greg Zito

Chicago Cabrini Green Housing snipers History of Street Cops Gangs, drugs, guns in the city of Chicago. And real snipers. Cabrini Green Housing had snipers firing on the police, residents, firemen, anyone in the area of Cabrini Green Housing, every day.

In 1970, Sergeant James Severin and Officer Anthony Rizzato were murdered by snipers at Cabrini Green Housing Units. Their killers are serving 199 years in prison.

Eight years later, my partners and I worked Cabrini Green Housing area arresting gang members and in four years confiscated over 660 various types of weapons.

We also arrested five snipers at different times and locations, firing at residents, the police, and firemen.

My partners and I survived through the years as Chicago police officers.

About the author:

I always wanted to be a police officer, to help people and to prevent criminals from injuring people. I started my police career as a teenager when I joined the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer. My duty was town patrol. Then when I returned home to Chicago, I was hired as a Chicago Transit Authority Police Officer, then as a Chicago Police Officer.

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