Saturday, November 14, 2015

Featured Book: Lead with Mercy by Robert Goodson

Lead with Mercy: The Business Case for Compassion Business leaders are held accountable for hard results: the bottom line. Corporations are no place for soft concepts like mercy, compassion, patience and forgiveness—or are they? 

Author Robert Goodson, a certified executive coach, makes the case for compassionate business leadership that is, in the end, also a sustainable and rewarding business model. Lead with Mercy presents a discussion of provable, measurable results and positive return on investment. Lead with Mercy cleverly blends Goodson’s two decades of personal leadership experience with that of experts in business, leadership and psychology to make a compelling case for compassionate leadership. 

Readers will learn how to earn the right to lead, what it means to be accountable while delegating responsibility to others, and how to provide colleagues with their own clear vision of compassion, innovation—and, of course, success. Lead with Mercy … offers business leaders a True North to navigate the morally murky waters of today with the timeless principles of yesterday. 

The book will serve as a touchstone text for generations of leaders seeking a higher purpose in their work. – Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, Founder and CEO, GrowthLeaders® Lead with Mercy will convince you that compassion is not only the correct path, but that there are also real, positive impacts of merciful leadership. 

The book thoughtfully balances the “feel-good” aspects of compassionate leadership with practical metrics, demonstrating that the feel-good business model is actually good for business!

About the author:

My name is Rob Goodson. I am happily married with three lovely children; we live in Virginia near Washington, D.C. My thoughts, observations, and commentary on leadership have been formed by over two decades of study and practice (both giving and receiving) in leadership experienced in the military, the for-profit business world, and as an executive coach. My passion for and perspective on leadership have also been influenced by my spiritual life. Just as mercy is a central tenet of my Catholic Christian faith (as it is in several other religions and belief systems), I believe it can and should be a part of successful leadership and business practices. I'm a proud graduate of Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) and the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. I received my commission in the U.S. Army from Virginia Tech's Army ROTC program and subsequently spent just over eight years on active duty as an intelligence officer. I resigned my Regular Army commission in late 2000 and joined a Fortune 500 consulting firm as a defense consultant. Shortly thereafter I was mobilized as an Army Reservist after the attacks of September 11th and served in Operation Enduring Freedom. After my two mobilizations I returned to the same company, where I've been for almost 15 years. Within my firm I lead a business unit and I also serve as an executive coach as part of our firm's leadership development program. I'm a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching.

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