Saturday, November 7, 2015

Featured Book: The Oklahoma Gamblin' Man by Gary Rex Tanner

The Oklahoma Gamblin' Man threads it way, as we share the unique experiences of Rex Albert Tanner, through a fascinating period of American history that begins prior to World War I and never really ends.

Beginning in Oklahoma's indian territory, proceeding through the "Roaring 20's," the Great Depression's gangster era World World II and the development of California as one of the nation's most powerful economies, Rex Tanner plays his small part in a unique, colorful and sometimes hilarious fashion.

To read his story, accompanied by original songs, authentic photographs of the characters within and original watercolor paintings of many highlighted scenes, places the reader squarely in the middle of the Oklahoma Gamblin' Man's life and leaves you with a sense of having known someone purely original.

About the author:

Gary Rex Tanner is a second generation "Okie" born in Modesto, California before WWII. He is also a singer songwriter and is currently working on a new CD related to his first book "The Oklahoma Gamblin' Man" He lives a quiet somewhat reclusive life with his wife Daisy in a remote area of North San Diego County in California, overlooking a small lake with a majestic unobstructed view of Palomar Mountain.

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