Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Coffee for Consciousness by Vito Mucci

"Live in the Now." "Don't worry, be happy." "Follow your bliss." These catch-phrase imperatives confront us on a daily basis, but so few of us seem to know how to do any of those things. If you've repeatedly tried and failed to manifest your better self or a more resonant life, you might be saying, "You know, it's not that easy." Coffee for Consciousness 101 is the instruction book you've been waiting for-because you're right; it's not easy. Finding yourself takes work, and sharing yourself with the world in love takes even more work...but the rewards are amazing. Our longstanding unhelpful definition of risk and reward is just one of the concepts that author Vito Mucci deconstructs with compassion, humor, and a deep understanding of the ways in which our beliefs about ourselves and the world get in the way of achieving conscious presence in the world, and consciously evolving relationships with ourselves and others. Our beliefs and ideas are the lenses through which we look at the world; this book gives you the idea of Perspectives, a new set of lenses that change what you see, and consequently, who you can be. Rooted in the author's decades of experience in managing his PTSD and addictions through careful cultivation and alteration of consciousness, Coffee for Consciousness 101 is a fascinating, joyful, and deeply practical exploration of how to read the road map to positive change and greater presence.

Received for review.

I wanted to like this, I really did.  The premise was intriguing but it just did not deliver anything that I could really call applicable in real life.  Perhaps that was due to the fact that I could barely keep my eyes open while reading this.

This was extremely dry and outright boring in parts.  It felt like a textbook at some points and I'm pretty sure reading about string theory would actually be more entertaining.  The book really needs to come with instant espresso attached since you need all the caffeine you can possibly consume to make it through even a chapter without nodding off.

Overall, while some of the author's points are valid the presentation is just not ideal.  This does make an excellent soporific but if your intent is to actually stay awake I would give this a pass.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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