Saturday, December 19, 2015

Featured Book: The Parts to Effective Psychology by Dr. Rev. Stephen Kunle Awoniyi

Counseling brings a change in a person's life, it digs deeper, and it seeks for great understanding and privilege. 

List of words that come to mind when I think of counseling and the process of change: 
  • A safe place 
  • A place where you believe in
  • A place of true honesty and genuineness
  • A place that another person is able to fight for you and with you
  • A place where there is hope of transformation
  • A place where there is hope of redemption and restoration
  • A place of reflection
  • A place to see truly who you are and what makes you-you
  • A place to process and find solutions
  • A place to dig deeper

About the author:

Rev. (Dr.) Stephen Kunle Awoniyi is a part-time lecturer at Simmons College of Kentucky. He is a counselor at mental health Institution: Central State Hospital, Louisville, KY. He also serve as the pastor of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Louisville, Kentucky; the Church he founded in 2001. He was the Pastor and Local Overseer at the ECWA Church in Kwara State, Nigeria for several years in early 1970%u2019s to 1990. Dr. Awoniyi received his Counseling & Psychology training from Campbellsville University, Louisville, KY with Master of Science in Counseling & Psychology. He received Doctor of Missiology, Master of Divinity: Pastor track, and Master of Arts in Christian Education from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville Kentucky. He is also the recipient of Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies from Simmons Bible College, Louisville, Kentucky and Bachelor of Religious Education from ECWA Theological Seminary at Igbaja, Nigeria.

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