Saturday, February 13, 2016

Featured Book: Annie's Third Wind by Wally Carlson

Readers of Annie's Second Wind delighted in the lively antics of one Annie Perkins and her unusual band of residents on Seven Sisters Island. Now, in Annie's Third Wind, they're back--a little older, but no less driven to see justice served, be it for fellow human beings or an abandoned orca in Puget Sound. A few new characters arrive, including some familiar names. Some depart.
RIch in description and dialogue, Annie draws us into life in the Northwest--its character, its beauty, and its spirit.

Try this recipe and you'll want to keep it around for years!

1 well-seasoned 76-year-old great grandmother, 1 fistful of eccentric cronies, 1 swizzle stick of wacky weed, a double-fisted bottle of wild turkey, a tumbler of kayak sex, 1 crapload of country bureaucrats, 2 twin toddlers with dirty diapers, make mine a double splash of NW rain,1 chain-smoking snarky nun, a gaggle of conspiracy theories, 6 know-it-all sisters (deceased), a dash of danger, 1 angst-ridden orca, a 42 foot cedar canoe, 1 sprig of hope, a proof of randy Pickles, clam chowder w/mother's milk, lightning strike of geoduck.

About the author:

Wally Carlson and his family live on Kitsap Peninsula off Puget Sound, where he divides his time between remodeling and restoring homes and writing. He is currently working on his third novel, the further adventures of Annie.

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