Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Featured Book: Prodigal Time, 1969 by David Morpheys

Three people's lives interplay for love, for protest, and for family. Caught in the conflicted end of the Sixties, they pursue a life worth living. Over the course and fullness of a prodigal time, 1969 the three experience the end of the Sixties revolution, the beginning of the underground and GI Resistance, and travel in exile from the draft and its inclusion of youth in the distant and ever-present War in Vietnam. Kady and David travel Europe, work in France, come home for a wedding in Hudson Park, NY and a funeral in Dalhart, Texas, travel to California where Kady's sure she's pregnant, return to Woodstock, work a Freres' vacation in Vichy, France, where Kurt Kallini comes between the two of them. David returns from a walled-in Berlin to Kady working for Les Freres. They tell each other truths they can't bear to hear. The love they shared like the prodigal time of the Sixties runs out. Kady goes home, while David retreats to Munich. There Kurt Kallini offers big money if David will use GI-ID and buy PX supplies, which Kallini sends to GI bases, his diamonds and dust packaged as gifts to fund the GI Movement. David refuses. In the huge canvas bag Kady left with him, Kallini has taken from him, filled with diamonds and dust, and someone else brings it through customs. The empty bag tossed to him outside Kennedy Airport David takes home to Hudson Park. Then sends Kady her carpetbag and its tainted remains. Her huge bag once packed the cornucopia of all good things: music, freedom, love, travel, and especially the shared life worth living. Now it's only an empty bag that brought illegal contraband through customs. The Sixties end as the shadow of Nixon's Seventies falls over their lives.

About the author:

Born in suburban Dutchess County, NY, David Morpheys enjoyed the Big Boom through high school, played football, attended Hamilton College, and afterward traveled the voyage of discovery west and journey east, worked in Paris with Les Freres, before he returned to teaching work in San Diego, Texas, NY Military Academy, the Catskills, Mid-Hudson prisons, and 25 years work near Caribou and Calais, Maine. Released into the green pastures of teacher retirement, he writes of his Sixties generation, who loved life, lingered long at the fair, and regret at leisure their prodigal time.

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