Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Cosega Search by Brandt Legg

Ripley Gaines, a brilliant archaeologist, has spent his life searching for an elusive artifact to prove his controversial theory.

What he finds shocks even him.

The discovery rewrites human history and promises to change the planet's future. It has to be suppressed.

The most powerful forces in the world align against him, and a deadly competition for the artifact ensues.

Capturing Gaines is not enough; he, and everyone who has seen the artifact, must be killed.

His only hope is to stay alive long enough to decode the Cosega Sequence.

From the Library

I don't normally review my personal reading but this was so bad I simply had to share the horror.

The only reason I actually finished this was because it was an audiobook and I was doing other things while listening to it. If it had been a physical book I would have tossed aside partway through the first chapter.

The book just throws you right into the story, which is normally a good thing, but in this case you have no clue what is going on. There is virtually no introduction to the characters or the situation and leave you thinking "But, what?" through about the first third of the book.

There's a heavy conspiracy theory theme to this which could have been interesting but there were just so many members of so many conspiracies that you're left not really caring who was covering what up or why because everyone is so darn annoying.

The situations are completely ridiculous. I suppose the story is supposed to inspire a level of excitement and intrigue but it just falls flat. It's like biting into a cupcake expecting it to be devil's food and finding it's just a brown Twinkie material. It's just blah.

There is no connection with the characters because you don't learn anything beyond the bare minimum about them and what you do learn you just don't care about. I frankly couldn't have cared less whether the "heroes" of the story were killed or "won" as long as the stupid story ended.

And, speaking of endings, the book just up and ended. It wasn't even a cliffhanger or anything, and there was no resolution. It's like they just took a manuscript and randomly separated it and decided "Okay, this is book one." without actually looking at the story. I probably would have been disappointed had I cared at all about the story or the characters.

Overall, this was a huge disappointment. What could have been interesting and well done was just bland and boring and almost as palatable as a cold McDonald's french fry. I really cannot recommend this unless you literally have nothing else to read. Even the ingredient list on a cereal box would be more entertaining. The only reason this even got two stars was because I limped my way to the end and still had some brain cells remaining. Don't waste your time and just walk on by this one.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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