Saturday, March 12, 2016

Featured Book: Suddenly Real by Destiny Abumchi

Suddenly real is about an impossible love between President Kenny Young and a medical student from a poor low class background he met in his dream.

After the death of the first lady, President Kenny Young refuses to date again. He spends all his time working long hours at the office as a coping mechanism for his grief. The pressure from his mother and friends to remarry becomes too much for him. He decides to give love another chance, but then is betrayed. With a broken heart, he swears never to love again. But then reoccurring dreams send him to an adventure.

As he embarks on this adventure, he has no idea what he is getting into. He finds himself in the mist of tribulations, trials and disappointments that threaten his career and personal life.

Suddenly real is about love, romance, betrayal and true love. It is about hope, trust, perseverance and realization of dreams. It is about dedication, self confidence and self respect. Suddenly real is full of actions and adventures. It is about not giving up on love. Find out how it suddenly becomes real.

About the author:

Destiny Abumchi is a senior at one of America's prestigious universities, majoring in psychology. She has a passion for languages and speaks several. Her curiosity about what constitutes true love inspired her to write Suddenly Real.

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