Friday, March 18, 2016

Review: Behaving Disgracefully by Roni Walker

Ellen Margaret Brunelle thought jokes should be banned - jokes about paedophiles that is.

She often thought how terrible it must be to be a kid who was being abused and to hear the whole world laughing at them. It was worse than the very worst virus - child abuse - and the damage spread just as quickly.

Teenage Ellen knew that Myra Hindley had been treated worse than an animal when she was a child. And although she knew that there was no excuse whatsoever for that woman's vile behaviour, she also knew how Myra's childhood and how she eventually turned out as an adult proved just how easily a young mind could be savaged.

She was very much aware of all the websites that existed - websites that were blatantly encouraging lewd and depraved behaviour. Not only were innocent children being abused, but babies were actually being sexualised from birth.

It was horrendous. It was all so terribly and despicably wrong in Ellen's eyes - and not enough was being done to stop it.

But it seemed like people didn't want to know, or want to read, or want to hear about it - sometimes even when it was happening under their own roofs - sometimes even to their own children.

There were those who didn't want to upset the apple cart by facing up to it, those who didn't want their apparently perfect lives ruined by divulging such atrocities going on under their own roofs.

In Miss Brunelle's eyes those types were almost as bad as the abuser - those who covered up, those who refused to listen, those who refused to believe, and those who let it continue...

But then there was the other end of the scale - the liars who blatantly lie and make it all up.

That well known adage often rang true... "Ain't no fury like a woman scorned."

And those who lie and bring a good man down are as bad as any abuser - just like she herself had done?


Received for review.

I can't say that I actually wanted to like this since I wasn't particularly invested in it one way or another when it initially arrived so when I wasn't very impressed it wasn't as disappointing of an experience as it could have been.

I'm not sure what the author's intention was beyond a feminist rant about sexual abuse against females by family members.  There was no actual plot to make this even a tiny bit engaging, just continued rambling.  The author seems to believe that all men are evil and all women are wonderful.  Needless to say this became grating by approximately page three, and this only because the author spent the first two pages detailing a very cringe worthy masturbation scene.

The author's tone and language were just totally off putting, including her use of the phrase "I fell pregnant".  The character "fell" pregnant?  Was it a freaking accident?  Whoops, she tripped and bam she was pregnant?  What even is that?  This, along with many, many, many other nightmarish phrases inspired a great deal of teeth grinding while I suffered through this.

Overall, to say that I did not like this would be a complete understatement.  I actively hated this book and feel the paper it was printed on would be better used in any other capacity.  I had to restrain myself from going all Fahrenheit 451 on it by the last page.  The poor writing in addition to disagreeable and completely unsympathetic characters combined to make this a total and complete waste.  Obviously, I cannot recommend it at all and if, by chance, you are given a copy I suggest you divest yourself of it as quickly as possible by any means necessary.

☆☆☆☆ = Didn't Like It


Harvee Lau - Book Dilettante said...

Well, maybe I won't look for this one!

Ryan said...

I couldn't tell if this was supposed to be fiction or non fiction, but I'm going to guess fiction, either way it sounds horrible. As a sidenote, that's a really bad cover.

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