Friday, March 11, 2016

Review: Blood Men by Paul Cleave

Twenty years ago, a serial killer was caught, convicted, and locked away in New Zealand’s most hellish penitentiary. That man was Edward’s father.

Edward has struggled his entire life to put the nightmares of his childhood behind him. But a week before Christmas, violence once again makes an unwelcome appearance in his world. Is Edward destined to be just like his father, to become a man of blood?

A true master of the genre, Paul Cleave unveils a brutally vivid picture of a killer’s mind and a city of fallen angels captured at the ends of the earth.

From the library.

After my first experience with this author I was sure I would never read another of his books but this just sounded so fascinating that I simply had to try it and I was quite pleased that I did.

The main character, Eddie, wasn't particularly likable, but I figured that was mostly due to the recent events he had experienced.  His journey, however, was fascinating.  He had a "monster" inside (similar to Dexter's "Dark Passenger") and it was truly fascinating to see his relationship with this entity and how it affected his decisions.  While I never really felt any empathy for him after the description of what he did to a dog in his youth he was a compelling character and that kept me interested in his story.

There were two events that made the book especially good.  The first involved the resolution of Eddie's daughter Sam's storyline and, without giving too many spoilers, it was so unexpected that it just gave me chills (and tears).  It was a true "WTF" moment.  The second was Eddie's relationship with his father.  When that twist came about I could just hear Cosima from Orphan Black saying "Dude, that's awesome!" and I actually gasped out loud at the reveal.

I also really liked the cameos by characters from previous books - the Christchurch Carver and Theodore Tate - which really added to the feel that while not directly connected all the author's books are set in the same world.

Overall, while I really had no emotional connection with the main character I found the story to be a true page turner.  I was glued to the action and simply could not put this down.  If you are a suspense fan then I certainly recommend this.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


Ethan said...

This one sounds great! I read Trust No One by Paul Cleave last year and really enjoyed it. Which one did you read before this?

Beth said...

Ethan, I just read Trust No One as well! Paul Cleave has quickly become a new favorite. The one I read before was Cemetery Lake and I just wasn't feeling it, only because of the main character (Theo). I did really like The Cleaner though!

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