Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Breaking Bad: Cookin' Up Some Color, Yo by Jen Lewis

In just five seasons, Breaking Bad cooked viewers everywhere into a frenzy, with its wildly addictive plot and complex character development following Walter White's transformation from mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher to dangerously successful meth cooker. Fans watched Walt's epic transformation as he was forced to confront a new reality laced with the inevitability of terminal lung cancer and sympathized with his intentions to provide for a future for his family as he faced the evils that came with a gradual immersion into the drug world. Breaking Bad: Cookin' Up Some Color, Yo captures the show's badass cast of characters, best cliff-hangers, and key locations in a creative experience designed to let you relive its adrenaline-pumping moments all over again. Featuring line art of Walt, Jesse, Mike, Saul, Gus, Hank Schrader, Marie Schrader, Skyler, and Walt Jr. in a variety of scenes, the book moves chronologically through the series, allowing you to color in highlights from each season, as well as complete word searches, crossword puzzles, and dot-to-dots all featuring favorite characters and moments from the show. Quotes and anecdotes from the show are included throughout the 80 pages, to ensure a complete experience for any Breaking Bad fan.

Received for review.

Although I was never a huge fan of the show I always found Breaking Bad to be an amusing, albeit crazy, ride so I was intrigued by this coloring book for adults.  Coloring is in lately and I've colored my share of intricate designs in the past few months so it was a relief to come across this more simplistic design style that focused more on the characters and scenes from the show rather than some complex statement piece.  The pictures are fast and easy to color and most can be completed in a matter of minutes which makes it that much more enjoyable.

Overall, while fun for casual fans this is a must have for hardcore fans of the show.  The coloring experience is enjoyable and makes for a nice, casual activity.  I certainly recommend it to those looking for a simple coloring experience, as well as fans of the show.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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