Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Secrets of a Nun by Elizabeth Upton

Secrets of a Nun is an uncompromisingly honest and deeply moving look into one woman’s soul.

At the age of fifteen, Elizabeth, a talented athlete, gives up her dreams of competing in the Olympics to become a nun. Separating from her mother and twin sister, she leaves her friends and her familiar world behind in order to pursue a saintly life.

But she finds herself unprepared for what lies ahead. While her cloistered life commences as a profound spiritual and emotional journey, personal disenchantment takes root, and slowly grows over the next twenty years.

Elizabeth recoils against the restrictive atmosphere of convent life. She struggles with conflicting emotions, until a forbidden love affair forces her to come to grips with her needs as a woman. Over the course of striving to find her real self, she ultimately feels compelled to leave the Order.

This fascinating account of courage and passion is inspired by a true story. It will at once shock you and bring a smile to your face as you follow the course of a young woman’s obsession to become a spiritual seeker—an obsession that, over time, transforms into a deeply felt desire for personal liberation.

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It may seem odd that I found this as compelling as I did considering my distinct lack of fondness for organized religion but I the author's frank description of her experiences kept me glued to the pages.

While I do not necessarily agree with or condone the author's actions she did detail her thought processes regarding her choices and that helped me to respect at least her truthfulness.

Many of the circumstances she details left me more annoyed with her than anything until I realized that she couldn't actually have any common sense since she had isolated herself so thoroughly from the real world.

Overall, while I may not understand the author's choices this was a very thought provoking and well written book that many who are interested in the personal lives of nuns should find intriguing and I certainly recommend it to those readers.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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