Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Wildly Human by Christina Barnes

You have a story. It's uniquely yours. It's full of challenges, beliefs, loves, fears, successes and failures, among other things. There is no wrong story. At the present time, at the end of it, it says; (to be continued...) today.

Are you the writer of do you feel more like the reader of your story?

This is a collection of unlikely messengers bringing you 19 concepts about life, designed to awaken the writer within you. Your thoughts are your pen and paper.

The purpose is to encourage you to connect the dots of your own story. And to love your story no matter how crazy or dysfunctional it seems. It's what makes you so wildly human. Ultimately, you'll want to rise up like a mama bear in how you love yourself, and who and what you allow into your life. As long as you're on this earth, it's never too late to write a happy ending for yourself.

Received for review.

I was intrigued to receive this since it was such a unique format - short stories accompanied by artwork, each centering on a different theme.  I was immediately taken in by the lovely illustrations, especially that featured on page 141 for The Forest Cats since I am a cat lover.

The issues arose from the stories themselves.  I'm sure quite a bit of work went into them and they are clearly works loved by the author but as a reader they leave a bit to be desired.  They're reasonably well written and short enough to be read in a few minutes each but I just could not grasp the messages of the stories.  Some were obvious and those stories were necessarily more enjoyable, but others just escaped me entirely and left me confused and vaguely dissatisfied.

Overall, while this was a promising concept and was well presented the actual stories left a bit to be desired.  I did enjoy the book as a whole though and certainly recommend it to those who are less nitpicky than I am.

★★★☆☆ = Liked It


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