Saturday, April 23, 2016

Featured Book: Curse of Atlantis by M. Paul Hollander

16-year-old Harley Schultz and his father Dave are returning to the East Coast in search of the legendary civilization. A clue from the past has led them to Jamestown, Virginia, the site of the first permanent English settlement, and home to John Smith and Pocahontas.

As father and son investigate, Harley continues to experience sensations of being shadowed by some unknown entity. In addition, he is considering the possibility that some sort of curse may be tormenting them. Unprecedented weather has plagued Harley and his parents over the past three years, and now a freak tornado rips through Jamestown, nearly killing Harley, his dad, and many others.

With the destruction, however, comes another discovery. A second amulet, along with a 400 year old letter written by John Smith, verifies the existence of Atlantis.

Just as it appears they are about to make an extraordinary discovery, all of Harley's fears and suspicions are confirmed, leading to horrific consequences. It seems that both man and nature are uniting to prevent Harley from ever discovering the truth. Will Harley fulfill his promise to solve the mystery of Atlantis?

About the author:

M. Paul Hollander was born and raised in southern Michigan, leaving his home state in his early twenties. He just recently returned to his home state after a 27 year absence. As an elementary school teacher, who is also a motorcycle and history enthusiast, he travels throughout the U.S., in search of evidence from the past that will engage his students and create a lifelong love for learning. He also is the co-creator of the Lewis and Clark Replica Trail in Grand Marsh, Wisconsin. This hiking/biking trail allows the visitor to "walk" in the steps of the Corps of Discovery on their monumental two year journey across the continent.

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