Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Featured Book: Fifteen Seconds by John Morris

The dark places of our lives, marred in ambiguity, confusion, and adversity, are often the circumstances whereby direction is conceived. So begins Fifteen Seconds, a remarkable coming-of-age novel that follows a young man from adolescence to adulthood.

Brad is a talented musician and a writer who struggles with alcoholism and mental illness while he pursues his dreams in music and attempts to solve the mystery of a bad case of writer's block. His life journey will take him through degradation and depravity, chaos and insanity, and a seemingly all-encompassing darkness-a journey he can only hope will lead to a place of peace, love, and light.

John Morris's debut novel is a deeply satisfying rock-n-rollercoaster ride of hilarity and despair, triumph and failure, isolation and connection.

About the author:

John Morris is a freelance writer and novelist living in Alabama.

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