Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: The 2016 World Almanac and Book of Facts

Get thousands of facts right at your fingertips with this essential resource.

The World Almanac® and Book of Facts is America's top-selling reference book of all time, with more than 82 million copies sold. Since 1868, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for all your entertainment, reference, and learning needs. The 2016 edition of The World Almanac® reviews the events of 2015 and will be your go-to source for any questions on any topic in the upcoming year. Praised as a "treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information" by The Wall Street Journal, The World Almanac® and Book of Facts will answer all of your trivia needs—from history and sports to geography, pop culture, and much more.

Features include:

• The Year in Review: The World Almanac® takes a look back at 2015 while providing all the information you'll need in 2016.
• 2015—Top 10 News Topics: The editors of The World Almanac® list the top stories that held their attention in 2015.
• 2015—Year in Sports: Hundreds of pages of trivia and statistics that are essential for any sports fan, featuring complete coverage of the first College Football Playoff, the Women's World Cup, 2015 World Series, and much more.
• 2015—Year in Pictures: Striking full-color images from around the world in 2015, covering news, entertainment, science, and sports.
• 2015—Offbeat News Stories: The World Almanac® editors found some of the strangest news stories of the year.
• World Almanac® Editors' Picks: Time Capsule: The World Almanac® lists the items that most came to symbolize the year 2015, from news and sports to pop culture.
• U.S. Immigration: A Statistical Feature: The World Almanac® covers the historical background, statistics, and legal issues surrounding immigration, giving factual context to one of the hot-button topics of the upcoming election cycle.
• World Almanac® Editors' Picks: Most Memorable Super Bowls: On the eve of Super Bowl 50, the editors of The World Almanac® choose the most memorable "big games."
• New Employment Statistics: Five years after the peak of the great recession, The World Almanac® takes a look at current and historic data on employment and unemployment, industries generating job growth, and the training and educational paths that lead to careers.
• 2016 Election Guide: With a historic number of contenders for the presidential nominations, The World Almanac® provides information that every primary- and general-election voter will need to make an informed decision in 2016, including information on state primaries, campaign fundraising, and the issues voters care about most in 2016.
• The World at a Glance: This annual feature of The World Almanac® provides a quick look at the surprising stats and curious facts that define the changing world.
• and much more.

Received for review.

I'm always fascinated by books like this so I was thrilled to break open my copy.  There is just all kinds of interesting information packed into this edition such as:
  • Doctoral Level Professors make a lot of money ($166K+)
  • Women 25-44 in the US have an average of four sexual partners over their lifetime (men have six)
  • Suicide ranks at the #10 Leading Cause of Death in the US, just after #9 Kidney Disease
There were also mentions of key events which occurred in 2015 such as marriage equality, William and Kate welcoming Princess Charlotte into the world, and (most important to those of us in Connecticut) Breanna Stewart was named the Final Four's most outstanding player a record third time as the UConn Huskies defeated Notre Dame for a record tenth national title.

Overall, even if you don't read it cover to cover this is a fascinating read and you can find all sorts of information you never knew you'd want to know.  I actually carried the rather hefty volume around in my purse for a few weeks as I worked my way through it and discovered all sorts of fun new facts.  Obviously, I highly, highly recommend this educational and fun book.

★★★★★ = Loved It


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I used to love these books. I didn't know they still did them.

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