Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Featured Book: Disappearing Honeymooner by Pamela Troutman

Leonard Townsend, the private detective, is happily planning a trip to Mexico on his newly purchased sailboat when a young woman named Ellie shows up.

She is a honeymooner and she explains that her new husband has just disappeared. She wants Len to find her husband for her. Len reluctantly agrees to help.

So Ellie tells Len about her brief romance, her hasty marriage and answers all his questions. The more Len hears, the more he wishes he had already left on his sailboat adventure because this case looks unpleasant.

But there was a whole lot more to come....

About the author:

Pamela Troutman, the author, is a chronological baby boomer who still finds time to sail, fish, bike, shop, write, garden, cruise and boogie board in defiance of the rocking chair she seeks to avoid. Len Townsend got tired of all the activity in her whirlygig mind and asked to be set free, so here he is, in this book. In the past she worked on newspapers, newsletters, and a monthly column for a British magazine. She graduaged from the Ohio State University School of Journalism. She now freelances in her home in Katy, Tx. and writes books about Len, one of her favorite people.

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