Sunday, May 8, 2016

Featured Book: Forever Changed by Teresa Tuten

Austin had never broken a promise to her-except this one.

Gazing up at the moon and stars, Alexandra reminisced of times she and Austin had sat in the red swing nestled beneath a fuzzy blanket as the ocean waves crashed ashore. It had been months since she'd received the devastating news that had forever altered the course of her future. Feeling lost on the inside, she managed to move forward with the dream she still carried in her heart. And as much as she wanted to change the outcome of their future, she couldn't.

Her assistant, Jane Hammond, had been an encouraging friend by offering a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Carrying a hurt so deep, Jane understood all about love and loss. Hoping for a second chance at love, Jane fought the fear that her intuition may be right about the secret life of the man she loved. But each time doubt rose up, she wouldn't allow herself to believe the worst.

Mike Sutter was well-known as a Master carpenter and he had the portfolio to prove it. He'd restored a many a house over the years, and was handy at fixing most things. As good as he was at doing what he loved-it still hadn't filled the emptiness in his heart. He knew that one woman could possibly make him feel complete. That is, if she'd only give him a chance to love her.

About the author:

Teresa Tuten lives in SC with her husband and children. She has a degree in cosmetology, barbering, fitness and nutrition, and creative writing. She enjoys spending time at the beach, watching movies, writing, and being creative. Teresa is currently writing her next fiction novel.

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