Saturday, June 18, 2016

Featured Book: Diamondfire by Lee Underwood

Lee once told me that half of success was showing up. Here Lee shows up in his finest. Not a rented tuxedo but the clothes of a natural man in touch with his environment, his being extending from the earth underfoot, encompassing nature, and vaulting up into the sky and touching the stars. He has become a master of the long-line and the short, the major chord and the minor, the stripped bard and the duded-out for high times on the town. His poetry is the well-rounded extension of his personality, all aspects of his being taking turns coming to the fore and receding to make room for the next view of his mountain, sometimes shining snow-capped in the distance, sometimes a scramble up sheer rock. I hope you enjoy this selection of his poetry as much as I have. It is almost like meeting the man himself. – S. Preston Chase, poet, fine arts painter

With Diamondfire, poet Lee Underwood explores the psyche and the soul with passion and wit, merging exciting and often innovative language with human emotion that spans the spectrum of consciousness from darkland neurosis to shining white light. The former West Coast Editor of Down Beat magazine, the former lead guitarist with singer Tim Buckley, and the author of Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered, Underwood has a keen ear for music as well as for language. Diamondfire sums up a life brimming over with grace, wisdom, heart, and poetic intensity. – Dalton Rhodes, musician, poet, author

About the author:

Lead guitarist, toured and recorded for seven years with the late, great singer and songwriter Tim Buckley. Former West Coast Editor of down beat magazine. First poetry book was Timewinds. Pianist, with two CDs — Phantom Light, Gathering Light.


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