Sunday, June 5, 2016

Featured Book: Home Childcare vs Childcare Centers by Alice O. Carrillo

Childcare is critical in this country. Women are forced to go work more than ever. The children are left with relatives and friends because of high cost and not being able to fine high quality childcare for their children.

The book helps parents find high quality childcare, and to be aware of childcare that is not 100% for the children but instead is there because of the money. The book makes the parents aware of how to choose an excellent childcare for their children. It explains the pros and cons of both home childcare program and childcare centers. The book talks about what to expect from both programs. How as a parent, can help the provider to improve her program, making the program a better place for their children. The book has observations on both home childcare programs and childcare centers. This helps the parents see what is healthier for the children ages from 0 to 4.

The book has art activities, activities for rainy days, and activities for infants and toddlers, It's an excellent book for parents that have the problem of finding high quality childcare but yet reasonable in cost. The book has a monthly curriculum that parents can follow, so that their children can be ready when it's time for kindergarten. The book contains information about nutrition and includes a well balanced weekly menu. This helps parents know how to select healthy foods for their children. This information can be shared with their childcare provider. It contains tips on what to look for when visiting a childcare program. It has questions the parents can ask the childcare provider on the first visit. The book is a big help to parents!

About the author:

Alice O. Carrillo was born in Casa Grande, Arizona. Mrs. Carrillo has earned her master’s degree in Early Childhood Development and operated her own home childcare program for 15 years. She went on to run her own childcare center for 10 years. She is an advocate of children’s rights. Currently she lives in the state of California with her family.


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