Sunday, June 12, 2016

Featured Book: The Pursuit of Wisdom by Dean Chavooshian

Like many, I have given the origin and meaning of life a great deal of thought in an effort to live it fully-with grace and intelligence. In the process, I discovered that theological/philosophical discussions on reality are empty without the consideration of scientific inquiry as they inform each other on the nature of human existence. We can benefit immensely from the great minds chronicled in this book that have dramatically changed the world and helped man imagine himself in it-leading to one's own self-discovery.


In Theology:
(1) Is the soul immortal? Is reincarnation possible?
(2) Islam's holiest shrine in Mecca was built by the founding father of the Jewish nation.
(3) How one man uprooted 1500 years of Roman Catholic domination with a simple document.

In Philosophy: (1) Is the world pre-determined with orderly harmony or governed by man's free will?
(2) Is knowledge gained solely from experience and reasoning-or is it innate?
(3) How the self-awareness of existentialism allows one to live an authentic life.
(4) How 9th century Muslim scholars contributed to the foundation of modern civilization.

In Science:
(1) What makes all physical matter stable? How does matter reproduce itself?
(2) Isaac Newton described gravity's effect, but it was Einstein who showed how it originated.
(3) Did man evolve or was he created?
(4) The search for a unifying theoretical basis of all the sciences.

About the author:

After earning adegree in Theology/Philosophy, I followed what appeared to be a foreordained pathto study architecture. I received a Master's Degree in Architecture andharnessed a thirty- year profession in the field of real estate development. Myposition in prominent New York architectural firms and with international realestate developers resulted in the successful design, development andconstruction of over 25 million square feet worldwide. I continue topassionately pursue a multi-layered life that includes philanthropy, sport, andacademics: as the head of the venerable Village Temple Soup Kitchen in New YorkCity since 1999, an ardent fly fisher for trout, a certified United StatesProfessional Tennis Association (USPTA) teaching pro and high school tenniscoach, and an author who continues a quest for knowledge and an elevatedunderstanding of human existence. My life in New York City, with my wife of 36 years and adult daughter, continues to be filled with great majesty.


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