Saturday, June 11, 2016

Featured Book: When Is Sylvia Wallace? by Brad Anderson

Her new world began in complete silence and absolute darkness. It wasn't supposed to happen. It wasn't even supposed to be possible.

All the science and technology said so, but a freak accident changes everything and Deputy U.S. Marshal Sylvia Wallace finds herself sometime in the future when the Janus Project does not exist and most of the people around her are prison escapees.

All is not forsaken, however. A note from the past gives her hope. Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Mackie (the Guardians trilogy) and Colonel John Callan (The Janus Project) are coming to take her back to her time.

All she has to do is stay alive until they find her, which becomes the most dangerous time of all.

About the author:

I was born in May 1963 and grew up primarily in the small Texas town of West Columbia. I say "primarily" because my dad worked in the petrochemical industry, so we (including my mom, brother, and sister) moved around quite a bit. I graduated from Columbia High and, four years later, from West Point. After graduation, I went to Fort Rucker, AL, to learn how to be a junior officer in the Army - and how to fly helicopters. From Fort Rucker, I went to Fort Wainwright, AK, and spent almost a full four years in the Aviation Brigade, with the majority of that time in the 4/9 Cavalry flying AH-1 Cobras. Soon after leaving Alaska, I got out of the Army and took on a variety of jobs before finding a home as a contractor at one of the local military bases in the San Antonio area.

I like writing about anything that captures my attention. I do not write from an outline and I have only a vague idea of how a story is going to end when I start. My job, as I see it, is to act as a scribe, relating the actions and deeds of my characters. The only time I get involved is when my characters start straying from the ending I have in mind. When one of my characters does something that surprises you, it's almost a certainty that I was equally caught off guard.

One of the fun aspects of writing is scouting out the settings. I prefer to use real places for my stories. Hiking in the Grand Canyon and the Guadalupe Mountains is physically demanding, which means I have to hit the gym to stay in shape. Which in turn helps me to keep my characters grounded, at least somewhat, in reality - if I can do something, I know they can.


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