Sunday, July 31, 2016

Featured Book: No Cold as Bitter as the Mind by James F. Vickery

James F. Vickery's poetry is a declaration that, however ordinary and average he was, non-invidiously that he's different, his heart may not be the same as others.

His poetry is a contemporary blue-collar work scene, and it is about an experience actually undergone by the poetic voice that seeks to capture that quality of unpremeditation that is illusory in part.

He hoped that even the reader will find a freshness here, a certain-dare he say it?-poetic unconventionality.

His poetry is a culmination of his life - his devoted love for his wife and their dog, loss, his affection for nature, current events, and his mindset for battling a terminal illness.

About the author:

James F. Vickery, the author of IMMUNE FROM NOTHING I CAN THINK OF, was a poet from Denver, Colorado where he lived with his wife and their beloved dog.

These poems are his song - a melody of his life and times, a gathering of what he saw in the world.


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