Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Featured Book: Omnipiece by Betty L. Sheldon

What if your greatest creation became your most bitter enemy?

When the Omnis set out to create a race of intelligent life-forms (ILFs), they were faced with a terrible choice of giving the gift of freewill or creating a world of robotic-like beings. The danger was that with freewill, the ILFs could fall prey to the deadly CXV virus. This highly invasive virus would take away the ILFs mental clarity and their ability to contact the exalted Ones who had given them life.

The Omnis made their decision, and as time passed, the virus began to attack Heosphoros.

Expecting a reaction from the Omnis and getting none, Heosphoros became more outspoken. Their silence convinced him that he had a cause. "I refuse to put up with being ignored by the Omnis!" he muttered to himself. "I can't tolerate being in their presence any longer. I'm staying away from them from now on...."

After leaving the Omnis, he told the Emmsis, "Since we belong to an order of ILFs who are much superior in our capabilities, we do not need these restraints. Our mental faculties far exceed theirs. Our thoughts follow the Omnis' thoughts. It is impossible for us to spoil the cosmos by being disorderly. We really need not be concerned with CXV!"

About the author:

Betty L. Sheldon is a retired elementary teacher, having taught in public and parochial schools, including an open classroom and a one-room school.


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