Saturday, July 30, 2016

Featured Book: Weight No Longer by Philip Caravella, M.D.

Americans continue to be crippled by obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and the epidemics are destroying lives, the insurance industry, and the entire health care system.

Philip Caravella, M.D., who has practiced family medicine for more than forty years, seeks to reverse the trend by providing easy-to-follow principles that can help resolve serious health problems.

While previous books have focused on diet, obesity, and fitness, they’ve failed to hit on the secrets to success in this life-changing book. Learn how to:

• separate misinformation from information you can use;
• grasp the full implications of health risks linked to obesity;
• maintain a healthy diet that promotes overall health;
• help children and other loved ones develop good habits.

About the author:

Philip Caravella, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., has practiced family medicine for more than forty years. He was the first section chief of family medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, an educator, and an expert in the areas of losing weight, obesity, exercise, fitness, Type 2 diabetes, and diseases related to obesity such as hypertension.


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