Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Color Your Chakras by Susan Shumsky, DD

Color Your Chakras is a fun activity book for adults and children alike.

The chakras are powerful energy centers located in your subtle body. Unknown to many people, these vortexes of life energy govern and regulate your physical body. According to the ancient Tantric and Vedic scriptures of India, there are 14 chakras―seven major ones along your spinal column, and seven others, most of which are located in your brain. Each chakra performs a specific function and is associated with discrete body parts and aspects of mind.

Each chakra (or “wheel”) has a hub, where subtle energy conduits intersect; and spokes, which are radiations of subtle energy. Chakras are often likened to lotuses, and the radiations of energy are equated with lotus petals. The lotus petals on six of the seven major chakras comprise the entire Sanskrit alphabet, and the seventh major chakra vibrates all 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

Each left-hand page in Color Your Chakras includes a description and explanation of each chakra or chakra deity. Each right-hand page is an appropriate drawing. The explanations include information about the drawings and the specific colors that are mentioned in the scriptures of ancient India.

Received for review

I’m not a huge fan of the new coloring trend, not because I don’t enjoy the process but that the designs most books used are just so incredibly complicated. Sadly, this book is among those. Each image has so many tiny, tiny areas to color that it is becomes more tedious and frustrating than relaxing. That said, there are some images that are a bit easier to fill in, though those are mostly on the left hand, descriptive pages.

What saves this from being a complete frustrating bust are those descriptions of each chakra. The author packs a great deal of interesting information into a relatively small space and gives meaning to the images you are (supposed to be) coloring.

Overall, if you enjoy coloring incredibly complicated images with a very, very sharp colored pencil then this is for you and even if you are not a huge fan of coloring it may be worth a look just to read up on the information provided on the chakras. I cautiously recommend this to those who enjoy the subject.

★★★☆☆ = Liked It


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