Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: Eden by Candice Fox

Most homicide detective teams run on trust, loyalty, and the shared desire to put killers behind bars. Frank Bennett's partner, Eden Archer, thrives on darkness and danger. She has a rare talent for catching killers - but her idea of justice has little to do with courtrooms.

Now three girls are missing, and Eden is going undercover to a remote farm where the troubled go to hide and blood falls more often than rain. Frank’s job is to keep an eye on his partner while she's there - but is it for Eden's protection, or to protect others from her? Walking a tightrope between duty and desperation, Frank confronts a threat from Eden’s past—the sadistic crime lord Hades, who raised her. Suddenly, the hunter is the hunted. And a killer’s vicious desires are about to be unleashed . . .

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I was initially unsure about this since it sounded like Eden was a female version of Dexter - which she sort of is - but there is a great deal more depth to the story than just Eden’s predilection for revenge.

While this has none of the simplicity and cleanness of the Dexter novels it does share the dark feel. Eden isn’t actually a sociopath like Dexter, she’s just an run of the mill sadist, so her story is a lot more morally challenging. I actually kept wanting something bad to happen to her since she’s such an incredible bitch through 99% of the book. I genuinely have no idea how her partner even put up with her beyond bad behavior.

The mystery is well thought out and intriguing and keeps you engaged throughout, despite Eden’s frankly annoying conduct. The characters are well written and while I didn’t like some of them, including Eden herself, they were believable.

Overall, if you can get past the fact that Eden is a frankly horrible human being with very few, if any, redeeming qualities then this a very good read. I actually had more fun loathing Eden throughout the book than the killer she was up against. This is well written, solid read for those looking for something a little darker and more suspenseful than the usual mystery.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


Ryan said...

For some reason I could never get into Dexter. Not sure I would like this either. It sounds promising though.

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