Friday, July 8, 2016

Review: I Only Quote From the Best - Revisiting Hollywood's Golden Age by Candie Graham

Classic film lovers live and breathe them.

Movie-quoting enthusiasts seek to find - and use - the best of them.

Film scholars look to them for continued inspiration.

And for the curious, I Only Quote From the Best - Revisiting Hollywood's Golden Age, provides an engaging introduction to 500 great untapped movie lines from every genre.

Seeing their unforgettable faces in photos from yester-year, you can now connect their names with these celebrated lines.

Highlighting some of my personal favorites within each chapter, have fun finding your own. Enjoy!

Received for review

Granted, I am not exactly a movie buff, but I fully expected to like this more than I actually did.  The idea was interesting, but the reality lacked ... a lot.

The films featured were from the first half of the 20th century so they contained period typical levels of misogyny that I found rather distasteful.  I can only imagine that the author should have been able to find many, many more quotes that were not demeaning to women but simply chose not to.  I'm not sure if the author found the frankly rude quotes to be amusing or not.  Either way, they took almost all enjoyment from the reading as a offensive quote appeared on nearly every page.

The quotes that were not demeaning were either just bad or stupid and most focused on religion.  It was just a disappointing lot all around.

Overall, I really cannot recommend this at all.  It's not a fun read and even for film buffs I can't imagine it would be entertaining.  I definitely recommend a pass.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay


Melanie Page said...

Would have loved an example of a quote or two!

Beth said...

Melanie, I chose not to include any quotes since they were so inappropriate and I do not wan tot spread the hate. I'm sorry that you feel this is unacceptable.

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