Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: The RN Diaries by Dolyn Keys

Vanity, Nadia, and Kensington—three nurses who have a penchant for high fashion, late nights, and using their feminine power over men—all work the night shift at Ellerton Memorial Hospital. But when they aren't saving lives, they're out on the town exploring their wild sides.

After numerous random hookups, the three women realize they want more excitement and arousal. When Vanity is fed up with being a nurse, she seeks other career options—hosting adult parties, and Nadia and Kensington are invited. The nights are filled with intrigue, secrets, passion . . . and then some. Nadia's sexual appetite is satiated, but her relationship is threatened by the shadows of her past. Kensington struggles to balance her work and personal life, while trying to figure out whether she wants to be the teaser or the teased. Searching for a quick sexcapade has now become a bit more complicated, as Vanity, Nadia, and Kensington begin to question their views of life, men, and what they want out of a relationship.

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Let me start by saying this is just straight up porn. There is some plot, but it is really just filler between the sex scenes. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy porn sometimes, but this was just a mess.

The writing was okay, but there was virtually no editing done on this and absolutely no proofreading since it was littered with typos and formatting errors. All these numerous mistakes sucked away any potential enjoyment the reader might have experienced while reading. I have frankly read fanfiction that was better written and certainly better edited.

The “story” (a.k.a. the bits between the sex scenes) was okay but nothing spectacular. The characters were self absorbed, miserable human beings (think the characters on Mistresses) who I actually wanted bad things to happen to. The sex scenes were the best written parts but since I didn’t actually care about the characters they left me yawning and speed reading through them.

Overall, between the physical mess of the book itself and the lackluster story (which ends with an unfortunate cliffhanger that sets up a sequel!?!) I really cannot recommend this. There are so many other, better stories out there that I really cannot fathom wasting time reading this. Just walk on by.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay


Ryan said...

Porn should never be, just okay.

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