Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Ticket on a Crippled Crab by Robert Kettering

Funny things happen when a scatterbrained young American named Mike goes to Paris to become rich and famous composing wise and wonderful aphorisms. Commercial success eludes him, yet he nevertheless enjoys an exciting lifestyle of Left Bank hijinks...until he meets and marries a strange Russian girl whose family makes its living by stealing from senile old people. As the story begins, Mike is living with his wife's family in a large apartment belonging to his wife's wealthy godmother. The family is bilking her. Furious at his ignoble domestic situation, and disappointed by the failure of his aphorisms business, Mike decides to murder the leader of the family, his wife’s diabolical aunt, in order to win the godmother's fortune for himself. He enlists the help of two friends: a highly competent but amoral Englishman and a crazy Italian-American painter. Elaborate schemes are hatched, all of which move Mike toward a new career, one less glamorous than originally envisioned but better suited to his talents.

Received for review

This sounded promising since I usually love a dark comedy but I was sadly disappointed.

The writing has a nice flow at first but it gets gradually more and more obnoxious as the author tries his very best to be witty and entertaining.  Any enjoyment is sucked away as the pages turn and the writing becomes more and more forced.

The main character is essentially a complete gold digging jerk and the side characters are bland and lifeless.  I couldn't bring it in myself to scrounge up any interest or concern for any of them.

Overall, this was a complete disappointment.  It had a marginal amount of entertainment value at the very beginning which did not last.  I really cannot recommend this at all.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay


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