Sunday, August 21, 2016

Featured Book: Describing Color to the Blind by W Thomas Faucher

“The year was 1988. It was to be just a simple magazine article. Now…who knows? Even after all of these years, I’m not sure what really happened.”

With these words, skeptical reporter David Prescott begins to tell the story of Prissy Duke, a seemingly harmless old lady who has heard a voice guide her for seventy years.

But as the interview progresses Prescott realizes that no one who ever enters the world of Prissy Duke is ever the same again.

Describing Color to the Blind is a riveting tale of abuse, mystery, and a search for truth.

About the author:

W Thomas Faucher lives in Boise, Idaho. He is a well-known storyteller, author, architectural designer, and art critic, with over forty-four years of experience dealing with fascinating people.


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