Sunday, August 7, 2016

Featured Book: The Goddess' Vengeance by Alexander Maxwell

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Goddess Scorned. . .

After centuries of enslavement, the Egyptian goddess, Mafdet, is freed, with the aid of her old friend, "the man in black." After being freed, she ends up on Astraea, a world of magic, with monsters around every turn, yet she longs for vengeance against Ra, her captor, and maniacal brother.

She journeys across Astraea, aided by friends she meets along the way, such as Joshua Necrothane, the traveling merchant, to find the "man in black" and acquire his power to defeat Ra. However, the "man in black's" son reveals himself to Mafdet, and her friends, and vows to acquire the power for himself to become the new god of Astraea.

Now, Mafdet and company must face off against the mysterious Umber Nocht, and his team of monsters, and gods, in a race against time to see who truly deserves the unlimited powers of the "man in black." Will Mafdet gain the power, achieve her vengeance, or will she fall to Umber Nocht, setting into motion the end of the current Astraean world order?

About the author:

Alexander Maxwell is a reclusive young man that rarely ventures outside his bubble. As such, there is little to no personal information on him aside from the fact that he loves to write.


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