Monday, August 1, 2016

Guest Post: Nick Redfern author of Bloodline of the Gods

Nick Redfern, author of Bloodline of the Gods, stopped by to share with us a piece he wrote.

Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us
  • Are significant numbers of humanity the product of an ancient and advanced alien civilization?
  • Have we, across the millennia, been periodically modified and refined as a species?
  • Has our genetic make-up been manipulated by otherworldly beings that view human civilization as one big lab experiment?
These are controversial and thought-provoking questions. They are also questions that demand answers, answers that may very well be found by examining those people whose blood type is Rh negative.

The vast majority of humankind – 85 to 90 percent – is Rh positive, which means a person’s red blood cells contain a specific antigen, a protein that is found on the surface of cells and which are designed to combat bacteria and viruses.

We all have this protein in our bodies, except for the remaining 10 to 15 percent of humans. If the theory of evolution is valid – that each and every one of us is descended from ancient primates – shouldn’t we all be Rh positive?

Yes, we should. But, here’s something astonishing: we’re not all the same.

The negatives are unlike the rest of us. They are different. They are the unique individuals whose bloodline may have nothing less than extraterrestrial origins.

Nick Redfern’s book, Bloodline of the Gods, takes us on an amazing trip into the distant past and to a time when proto-humans were genetically manipulated by ETs, perceived by ancient man as nothing less than all-powerful gods.

Encompassing accounts of the legendary Anunnaki, alien abductions, hybrid children, secret and powerful societies, and an elite bloodline that holds significant sway over the planet and its people, Bloodline of the Gods reveals the shocking truth concerning those people who are not entirely human.

About the author:

Nick Redfern is the author of more than 30 books on UFOs, cryptozoology, and the world of the paranormal, including Bloodline of the Gods; Monster Files; Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies; Keep Out!; The Pyramids and the Pentagon; Contactees; The World's Weirdest Places; For Nobody's Eyes Only; and Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind. He has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: Fox News; the BBC's Out of This World; the SyFy Channel's Proof Positive; the Space Channel's Fields of Fear; the History Channel's Monster Quest, America's Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens, and UFO Hunters; Science's The Unexplained Files; the National Geographic Channel's Paranatural; and MSNBC's Countdown With Keith Olbermann. Originally from the UK, Nick lives near Dallas, Texas.

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