Saturday, September 17, 2016

Featured Book: The Checkmate Formula by Alan Sellers

This extraordinary book presents the powerful results of thirty years of observing and evaluating real-world success patterns of billionaires & visionaries. It unravels the intriguing mystery of how grandmasters in business achieve success, and presents a novel and compelling way to perceive the world of business. After reading it you may never view or approach business quite the same way again.

THE CHECKMATE FORMULA answers two questions: what are the essential factors in business that dictate success or failure, and how do serial winners win consistently? Revealing a pragmatic roadmap used by the greatest business minds, it shows how to perceive reality differently through techniques like The Great Awareness, think differently through approaches like The Great Enabler, and act differently using the greatest force multiplier of all -- The Decryption Key. It simplifies & deconstructs business into understandable truths, and reassembles them into practical guidelines for creative thinking and result-generation.

You’ll learn how to address major issues like capital raises, strategy and the customer acceptance riddle, and what it really means to understand the big picture -- with a generous dose of examples and insights from the business elite (including colorful analogies to chess and art). It’s an engaging read that will benefit entrepreneurs & executives wanting to “up” their game, and founders wanting to beat the odds.

About the author:

Alan Sellers has a history with members of the Forbes 400, and with multiple founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and inventors at companies of all kinds – high and low tech, start-up and large, domestic and international. For decades he has observed and studied, first-hand, recurring patterns in the real business world. He has served in numerous C-level operating roles, including Chairman, CEO, Chief Legal Officer, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer at NYSE ($5 Billion), NASDAQ ($25 Million), and private companies from start-up to mid-size. He practiced corporate law & accounting at internationally ranked firms, and brings partner-level private equity and venture capital experience. Alan received, with accolades, a degree in Economics from Yale, an MBA from The Wharton School, a CPA (New York), and a law degree from Columbia University. He is professor at a CEO Institute, and his interests include the military, politics, art and law enforcement.


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